Signs You Should Get Professional Ant Pest Control with Luke’s Termite and Pest Control

Recent studies have revealed that the earth has over 2.3 million ants per human being. Such an ant population of more than 20 quadrillions is quite a massive count, considering the earth’s limited surface area of 510.1 million square kilometers. Thus, obtaining regular treatments for ant control is mandatory to keep them away from your premises.


A claim by the Australian Museum also indicates the need to get regular ant pest control in several Australian regions. It states that more than 1,275 species of ants live in Australia, most of which are omnivores.


In such conditions, safely removing the ants is vital to ensure your safety, regardless of whether you’ve got carpenter or black garden ants’ insects in the vicinity.


Do Ant Pest Control Treatments Indeed Help?


Whether it’s easy or not to overlook the enormity of the figures presented above, ants don’t cause harm unless disturbed or provoked.


However, certain ant species could bite humans and pets or cause property damage despite appearing insignificant or harmless. For example, the carpenter ants are infamous for eating away at wooden items. Similarly, these ants could feast on plant stems and tree barks, foundations of houses, walls, and so on.


Hence, getting professional ant control services would be a wise decision to help you avoid property destruction.


Consequences of Missing Ant Removal Treatments


When ignoring ants on your property may be a common practice, voluntarily or otherwise, you are still at risk of facing its dire outcomes. Subsequently, the following scenarios may arise if you urgently don’t take the necessary actions to limit or prevent their entry:


  • Pest Infestation
  • Soil Excavation
  • Property Damage


Therefore, wherever you spot ants around your local Beerwah vicinity, irrespective of the site altitude or location, it’s your cue to seek professional help by hiring ant pest control technicians.


Five Signs Justifying The Necessity of Emergency Ant Control


  1. Soil Erosion: The black garden ants are more likely to dig up the soil in your backyard, garden, or porch. So, the ideal solution for stopping them from ruining the ground near you is obtaining professional dust-based insecticide treatment.


  1. Decaying Plants: If you find the leaves in your yard decaying prematurely, insects or spiders consume them. Usually, the presence of ants attracts them to your yard, besides some ant species that chew on the leaves and fruits of plants. Hiring a professional ant pest control technician to perform fumigation can yield immediate results, making such locations pest-free zones.


  1. Broken Wood: When you find any loosely chipped or cracked and broken wood pieces on your property, it’s your marker to obtain carpenter ant extermination. Another tell-tale sign confirming their presence is when those wooden items are weak and saggy. But removing them is pretty easy. Contact Luke’s Termite and Pest Control and ask for ant removal treatments.


  1. Dead Pests: Dead insects and other living things could attract ants, even in lofted locations like your attic, roofs, etc. When this is true for you, getting reliable fumigation services eliminates the ants and pests and stops them from attracting other organisms.


  1. Decaying Door Frames: Several ants can eat through doors and windows made of wood in just a few hours. Mostly this happens when they resort to establishing their shelter at higher elevations because the soil is hard to locate. Still, it can be dealt with safely for resolution with the help of ant baits or dust-based insecticide treatments.


Professional pest technicians can responsibly rid all ants from your premises, whether it’s the black garden ants or some other species. Their ant pest control and removal procedures deliver better results than any DIY remedies. So, do not hesitate or delay reaching out to Luke’s Termite and Pest Control when you need quick and dependable ant pest prevention solutions in your local Beerwah.

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